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Frequently Asked Questions

[1] What is a content Writer?
A Content Writer is a person, who writes articles, arrange contents, edits contents or proof read the contents. Content writer field is very vast. Here as a content writer you don’t have to write any articles (until & unless you want), all you’ve to do here is arrange the contents from the database of different companies, into the right categories on servers. You’ll be provided with all the databases, servers, working guide & all the list of categories. You’ll also get all the details like in which category you’ve to place particular contents. We have at present more than 5000+ companies waiting for you, and more than 10 millions of database. There is nothing to worry, that if work is over, or no database or categories.

[2] What are the basic skills required in content writer?
A content writer should have well knowledge of internet surfing, browsing websites, not necessary to have a good speed. You work from anywhere and from any pc at home or office. Our Job is open for world wide. You can work and earn from any country. Here payouts are given in USD currency, to know the payouts in your currency you can check out the website

[3] What’s the Basic concept of working as a Content Writer?
The concept of content writer job is very simple, as said in point no.1, content writing field is very vast and is used in every internet or website related thing. Here as a content writer our Job is arrange the contents for companies in right categories. It’s not like that you have to spend hours in searching the content and right categories for them. Along side the content, you will find the the details of like in which category you have to put. Its all matter or minutes or seconds.

[4] Is it compulsory to work for all the contents and categories I see in the database given to me?
No its not compulsory. You can work for contents of your choice, millions of contents will be there, work for what you want. No restrictions.

[5] Do I’ve to write myself anything other than getting contents from the database?
No. Not required. In very rare case, if you feel that, adding few words may make the content nice, you can do. Even if you don’t do, than also you will be paid.

[6] Is there any type of Accuracy going to be counted, or what If I see any spelling mistakes in the contents?
There is no accuracy here, as you gonna use the contents from their database, so even if there is mistake in it, you don’t have to worry. However, if you want you can make spelling corrections. But its all very rare things, 99% there won’t be any mistakes, if there is any spelling mistakes, we recommend you to correct it, if you know, or else leave it as it is. You will be paid as per the payment chart.

[7] How many content can I put in a single category?
In a single category, you can put at the most 10 contents daily. If required we’ll ask you to put more contents in it. Moreover, you’ll get thousands of categories, so better choose different categories every time.

[8] What should be the length of the contents?
Its not fixed, however it will range from 2 lines to 4 lines at the most. Not more than this.

[9] How will I know that my work is valid & I’ll be paid for that ?
You’ll be notified by email and also on server you can instantly see all your completed job work, you can even make any changes in it if you want. You will also have your My account section there with all your details. If you are making mistakes in putting content in right category, than that work will not be counted, however before end of the month you can make changes in it or any correction and you can verify all your work any time. You can update your job work every month before 30th only. This is very easy Job, & you’ll be paid for each work from your side.

[10] How much I’ll be paid for each content writing Job ?
Payment per content reporting totally depends on your working plan. We have 2 working plans for candidates to work as part time and one whose wants to spend atleast 4-5 hrs in this job.

Registration Fees [Non Refundable]
– $110USD ( 5500 inr ) For Basic Plan
– $140USD ( 10000 inr ) For Professional Plan

Pro Writers – Here you will be paid per content writing

As per this plan, you have to do a minimum of content writing every month in order to get paid. Maximum you can do is content writing. Minimum earning will be per month & Maximum you can earn under this plan is per month.

Featured Content Writers – Here you will be paid per content writing. Apart from these, you will also avail the below benefits. As per this plan, you have to do a minimum of content writing job every month in order to get paid. Maximum you can do is . Minimum earning will be per month & Maximum you can earn under this plan is per month.

Additional Earning

1. Payment as per your ranking on the server which will be additional 20% of your total Income.
2. You’ll be entitled in career oriented category, where all your details & Photo will be visible to different companies, who may appoint you as per your work & can give you additional direct Jobs.
3. Additional Bonus, from our side as per your work – means if you do more than 80% of the content writing work, you will get additional 25% of your total Income.

[11] Why I’ve to pay registration fees ?
Registration Fees is very important here. It includes server charges which we run 24hrs for you. It also includes our expense like administrative charges, Live support Charges, Account Maintenance Charges, Mailing and Postal charges for life time if any required.
Moreover we kept registration fees, for the work we do for you like providing the best home job for you which is 100% Genuine & Scam Free. Legitimate Home Jobs are never published on internet, its all distributed by consultants like us. We also take care of all your monthly payments.
Another and at least reason for this registration fees is to keep away spam workers. If we keep the job totally free than in a single day millions of people will register and it will be totally impossible for us to know who is the genuine worker and to whom we should provide the Job. Also its very dangerous for our secure servers to give access to spam workers.

[12] Ok Now I’m satisfied & interested in this Content Writing Job, let me know how to proceed and Join this Job?
To get started as a freelance content writer for different companies. We offer you 2 different Job plans.

Registration Fees
(1) : Content Writer Job Basic Plan : $110USD ( 5500 Indian Rupees )
(2) : Content Writer Job Basic Plan : $140USD ( 10000 Indian Rupees )
To know more difference about above plans click here >>

To Get started as a content writer, fill the online registration Form & submit it. On successful form submission you will get options to make payment using credit card or paypal. Make the payment and within 24hrs you will get all the details to get started like database details, category details, Instruction guides & Server Details.

International customers can send payment to us using credit card, paypal, wire transfer, money gram, or western union. We don’t accept cheques from international customer, as it takes around 25 days for clearance. As soon as payment is confirmed your Job details will be sent to you through email. Except India all countries here will be considered as International countries.

Indian customers – If you don’t have credit card or paypal account to make payment, you can still send payment to us using Demand Draft or fund transfer to our bank accounts or cash deposit in our bank accounts. DD should be in favor of “” payable at Vadodara, along with this attach the copy of online registration form duly filled and signed with your photograph (not compulsory). On receipt of your form and payment within 24hrs Account details will be sent on your email address. Its compulsory for Indian customers to send the registration form duly signed and with signature to our Surat office by courier or post. In case of fund transfer write transaction Id no. on form, in case of cash deposit, attach the cash counter slip (xerox will do) along with this form. You will get copy of form to your email address after you submit the online registration form.

[13] After making the payments What I’m going to get?
On receipt of your payment, we will send a email containing your Content Creator Id No., A server site where you will submit all your content writing Jobs, database details & categories.

[14] In case I’ve any query where should I contact?
In case you’ve any query we recommend to use our Live chat Service.
New visitors are requested to first read the FAQ’s given on this page and other details too, before asking any query to online chat operator. This is just to avoid congestion in Chat Queue. Registered content writers are requested to keep read their Id No., Name & Query ready before chatting. Apart from this, you can send mail to or call us on the nos. given in contact us section.

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