Ad Posting Data Entry Jobs

Ad Posting Data Entry Jobs India

1. What is Ad Posting Job?
As the name indicates, Ad Posting Job, is very simple where all you’ve to do Posting of Ads on different Classified Websites, Blogs, & Forums.

2. What are the basic requirements to Get started in this Ad Posting Job?
To get started you should have the basic knowledge of Internet Surfing, you should have internet connection, PC or else you can also work from cyber cafe. This Job is available world wide & one can work from any place, any time.

3. From where will I get the Ad Matter & List of Classifieds websites, Blogs & Forums?
After getting registered with us, we will provide you the username and password of our members area. Member’s Area will include thousands of Ad Matters of different companies, Free classified websites, Blogs & Forums. Here you don’t have to search anything, everything will be in member’s area. All you have to do get set and go.

4. Is it compulsory to do Ad Postings for all the Ad Matters given in the members Area?
No. You can choose any Ad Matter & Any Free classified or Blog or Forum for Posting.

5. Is there any time limit for each Ad posting & what will be the daily & monthly work load to get paid/
There is no time limit for Ad posting, you can work whenever you want in your working hours, no restrictions.
There is no daily posting limit, you can post any no. of Ads. We only see the overall month work.
Every Month you have to do a minimum no. of Ad posting in order to get paid. Its calculate as per the Plan you select.
For –
You’ve to do a minimum of Ad Posting in a month to get paid.
Maximum you can post Ads in a month.
For –
You’ve to do a minimum of Ad Posting in a month to get paid.
Maximum you can post Ads in a month.

6. What if I submit less than Ads in a month, will I ‘be paid for this?
If you post less than Ads in a month, than you won’t be paid for that, however that posted Ads will be carry forwarded to the next month and payment will be made along with it. Suppose in Jan month you did only 75 Ad posting and in Feb month you did 110 Ad posting. Here Jan month work of 75 Ads will be clubbed with 110 Ads of Feb Month and overall payment for 185 Ads will be made to you. In short, to get paid for any month, you’ve to post a minimum of Ads, this implies to both Executive and Professional Plan.

7. How much I’ll be paid for each Ad Posting?
For Executive Plan: per Ad Posting.
Minimum Earning will be x Ads = $100
Maximum Earning will be x Ads = $1500

For Professional Plan : per Ad Posting.
Minimum Earning will be x Ads = $100
Maximum Earning will be x Ads = $3000

8. Is the above earning for just Ad Posting or we will get only after it has been clicked or any sale has been generated?
The above payment which is called the regular earning, in point no.7, is just for posting Ad in free classified websites, Forums or Blogs. You’ll be paid for every ad posted by you, No matter whether it has been clicked by someone or any sale is generated through it.

9. What if my posted Ad got clicked or any sale is generated through it will I get paid for that?
Yes Of course, you are eligible for this additional income. It totally depends on which plan you are working.
If you are working under , you will be paid per click & per sale straight away.
In case you are working under , you will be paid per click & per sale.

10. How I’m going to know how many & which of my posted has got clicks & sale?
To keep track of all of the happenings with your Ad, all your posted Ads will be having special coding. In the member’s area, daily you can know which of your Ads has got clicks and from where, and if sale is generated or not.

You can also see, how amount is generated per click and per sale. Everything is very well arranged and is updated every minute. You can see your current earnings in real time.

11. What if none of my posted Ad got clicks or none of them generated any sale, will I still get the regular Payment?
Yes, it doesn’t matter whether Ads are getting clicks/sale. You will get regular payments every month. If any income is generated apart from regular income, it will be your additional income.

12. Any roughly Idea, how much Additional Income I can made every month?
As per other candidates reports, on an average daily you get some 10-50 clicks, that means around $50 – $200 extra for clicks, and daily at least 2 sales are generated, which will be around $100 – $500+ as per the plan. You can expect at least $2000+ of additional monthly income in the starting 2 months.
In short, it all depends how much Ad Posting you are doing. The more you do, more click and more sales will be generated.

13. Is there any type of accuracy going to be counted, for Ad Posting?
No. You will get all the ready made Ads, all you have to copy it and paste in the posting Box.

14. Is there any type of software I’m going to get for this Ad Posting Project?
Yes, you will get one software for Ad Posting. Using this, you can post each ad in a matter of seconds.

15. What will be procedure of doing Ad Posting?
The Procedure is quiet simple, first you have to open any free classified, there you will find the option ‘Post Free Ad’, Just click it. A new page will open, where you have to input the Ad matter & Just click Post Ad. Its very simple. If you use software, with a single click all the Ad Posting Form will be filled and will be auto submit. Its up to you how you work.

16. In a single Website, How many Ads you can Post in a single day?
In a single website, daily you should post not more than 10 Ads. And same Ad should not be repeated on a single free classified website. As said in above points, you will get thousands of Ad Matters & classified website and forums. So better place different ads in different websites.

17. How you people going to know whether I posted an Ad or Not?
After posting each ad, you have to paste its URL, on our reporting server. More details on this will be given under the instruction guide of Ad Positing Job, as we can give important details of our reporting server here. Remember this Job is very easy, & you can start earning in a flash.

18. Will there be anything like, I’ve to pay money to websites before posting Ads there?
No. As said above you will get only free classifieds, blogs and forums. You don’t have to post ads on paid classifieds.

19. Is there any chance of getting my account terminated?
Your Ad Posting Account will be terminated only in the below cases:
1. If you are not doing any work for 2 consecutive months.
2. If you are posting Ads on auto traffic, auto surf and auto click generating websites.
3. If you are not posting the Ad matters correctly in classifieds continuously.
4. If you are putting altering the Ad matters without intimating us or without our permission.
5. If you are violating any of rules and regulation.

20. Can I upgrade or downgrade to any plan in future?
Yes you can. In case of upgrade you have to pay the difference amount between plans. In case of downgrade, you won’t get any refund of the difference amount.

21. Okay all my points are clear, How to join this profitable Home Job?
First refer the Payment & Plan chart. Decide under which plan you have work. Fill the online registration form for Ad Posting Job. After submitting the form, you will be redirected towards payment page, where in you can make the registration fees payment using credit card, or paypal account. International customer who don’t have credit card or paypal account can still make payment using Wire Transfer or Western Union. For more details in this regard please refer our Payment Option Section >>

Indian customers who don’t have credit card or paypal account, can make payment by sending the Demand Draft, or Fund Transfer to our bank account or Cash Deposit to our bank accounts. After doing fund transfer you have to mail us the transaction id of the fund transfer and copy of the registration form as attachment to and in case of cash deposit, you have to send the scan copy of the cash counter slip with bank stamp on it along with registration form to

As soon as your payment is confirmed within 24 hrs your job details will be emailed to you.

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