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We have 2 Work Options for Beginners & Professionals. If you are not a regular typist or having typing speed below 20WPM, we suggest you to start as a Beginner Typist. If you are a Professional Typist & having a typing speed of more than 35 WPM, we suggest you to work as a Professional Typist. You can check your typing speed here.


Jobs PlanBeginner Typist
Registration Fees
Jobs PlanProfessional Typist
Registration Fees
YESMonthly Minimum 450 & Maximum 1500 Assignments to be doneYESMonthly Minimum 1500 & Maximum 3000 Assignments to be done
NOPer Assignment only 2 Mistakes Allowed.NO Per Assignment only 2 Mistakes Allowed.
$1$1 USD per Assignment $1$1 USD per Assignment
Money Minimum Payout $450 USD P.M. @ 450 Assignments per month.Money Minimum Payout $1500 USD P.M. @ 1500 Assignments per month.
Money +Maximum Payout $1500 USD P.M. @ 1500 Assignments per month. Money + Maximum Payout $3000 USD P.M. @ 3000 Assignments per month.
Work PeriodWork Period 12th MonthWork PeriodWork Period 12th Month
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